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Mark3 BNF / PNP(50A flying tower + motor 21920KV BNF)

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There are 3 models in Mark3 series, this time we choose mark3-h5 as BNF/PNP.
This is a Frame with amazing performance,H styles trueX frame,Agility is preserved in flight and Ensure the convenience of equipment replacement.There are two versions of this package,There are two main differences: There are two main differences: the low-configuration BLHeli_S 40A ESC supports 2-5s lithium battery, with the latest GR2207.5 2400Kv motor; the other high-configuration BLHeli_32 50A ESC supports 3-6s lithium battery, with the latest GR2207.5 1920Kv motor. Two completely different power combinations will bring two different flight experiences.The FPV camera selects the Ratel 2.1mm Camera of Caddx for excellent imaging effect.


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