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About RCliker

RCliker = R/C + liker


RCliker is an online R/C store, which is a global R/C mall offering the latest and most cost-effective Hobby products. Including FPV tools, Remote control, Quadcopter, car model, ship model.


RCliker is a professional flight team with many years of flying experience, because of dreams, hobbies, and passion. It is the purpose of sharing all the fun.


Our engineers and procurement team has been developing and purchasing the latest and the most fun, the most interesting high quality products, and sales in a very cost-effective price to players, and we offer a very perfect after-sales service, to ensure that the player has no trouble back at home.



Base in shenzhen, China, our headquarters now warehouse, respectively, with Chinese Hong Kong warehouse, warehouse (development) in the United States, the European warehouse (development)



All site on the products, are we selected, more than 95% of the products, are our team tested seriously, you can rest assured choice.


Because we directly with the factory, a large number of purchasing directly without the middleman, reduce a lot of purchasing cost, we will end up in a very competitive price to customers. And we will often have some large discounts, to get the most realistic discounts for a large number of customers.


Our professional team includes engineers, designers, R/C specialists, flight test teams, purchasing teams, and distribution players around the world.



Good customer service is our RCliker established the fundamental principles, we will try our best to solve various problems customers, to give players a great shopping experience.